When buying NFT, instead of paying the listed price, user can make an offer at different price (normally lower than listed price) to NFTโ€™s owner.

How to Make Offer

Step 1: Go to NFTs Explore Space

Step 2: In NFTs Explore Space, click on the NFT that you want to make offer

Step 3: In NFT detail page, select Make Offer

Step 4: Fill in required information in Make Offer page

  1. Enter offer price

  2. Choose currency

  3. Choose the offer expiration time

  4. Click Make offer


  • Your offer price must be lower than the listed price

  • Your current balance must be higher than offer price, otherwise error message โ€œInsufficient fundsโ€œ will show up

Step 3: Review offer & confirm on-chain

  • Click Confirm to sign the transaction

Note: Sending offer is an on-chain transaction, hence will cost gas fee

Step 4: View your offer

  • In NFT that you already made offer detail page -> Choose Offer tab:


  • All user can see your offer

  • You can make offer multiple times at different prices

  • You can cancel Offer right on this section

How to Cancel Offer

Step 1: User goes to Dagora -> In NFT detail page:

  1. Click Offer tab

  2. Click Cancel button next to the offer that you want to cancel

Step 2: Cancel offer confirmation and adjust Gwei.

  1. Adjust Gwei bar. You can increase the Gwei to make Cancel transaction goes through faster

  2. Click Confirm. The offer will be cancelled and a success notification shows up

  • Click Confirm to close the notification

  • Click View Transaction to check the Cancel Offer transaction on blockchain explorer

How to Accept Offer (for NFT's Owner)

Owner's wallet must first be connected to Dagora and already have an NFT listed

Step 1: User goes to Dagora -> In NFT item detail page:

  1. Click Offer tab

  2. Click Accept button next to the offer that you want to accept

Step 2: In Accept Offer page -> Click Accept Offer button

Step 3: Review Offer & confirm on-chain

Click Confirm to execute accept offer transaction

When owner accept a offer, there are some cases that happen as below:



The offer that is accepted

  • Dagora automatically transfers NFT item to the winner's wallet

Other offers that is not accepted

  • The offer is auto canceled. This cancelation does not charge gas fee

Offer is accepted but buyer's fund is not enough to pay the offer price

  • System will display warning message and transaction unsuccessfully.

  • This offer will not be deleted. The owner can wait until the user has token to accept (before the expiration time of this offer) the offer again or can accept another offer

Step 4: After owner has accepted offer -> Success notification shows

a. Click Close to close the notification

b. Click My Assets to view item page

c. Click View Transaction to check the Transfer transaction on blockchain explorer

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