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How to Transfer and Buy NFT Items

How to transfer NFT Item?

Step 1: On Dagora, access item page by clicking on profile logo
Step 2: On item page, hover over the NFT that you want to transfer, press
on top left of that item
  • You can choose more than one NFT
  • NFTs that are on listing (selling) can't be chosen
Step 3: Once done choosing NFT items, press Transfer button
Step 4: Fill in transfer information
  1. 1.
    Choose Single if transfer to one wallet or Multi to transfer multiple wallets
  2. 2.
    Enter receiving wallet address(es)
  • Sending wallet can not send to it own
  • Sending and receiving wallets must be on the same chain
  1. 3.
    Check NFT transfer list. You can delete all (by click on Clear All) or delete some items
  2. 4.
    Once satisfied, press Send
Transfer UI: To single wallet
Transfer UI: To multiple wallets
Step 5: Confirm transfer information
  • Transfer single NFT interface
a. Click Cancel to return to previous step
b. Click Confirm to execute NFT transfer order
c. User can adjust gas fee
  • Transfer multiple NFTs interface
User need to grant permission to Dagora before being able to send multiple NFTs
a. Click Cancel to return to previous step
b. Click Confirm to execute NFT transfer order
Step 6: Receive S_uccess_ notification
a. Click Close to close the notification
b. Click My Assets to view item page
c. Click View Transaction to check the Transfer transaction on blockchain explorer

How to buy NFT Item ?

Step 1: Access to the NFTs page
  • Method 1: On the Top menu, find Explore -> NFTs
  • Method 2: Click Explore now
Step 2: Pick NFT
- Method 1: In NFT Marketplace, hover over the NFT you want to buy, click Add to Cart
- Method 2: If you want to check details of an NFT, click on the NFT image. In NFT detail page, click Add to cart if you want to buy the NFT.
Step 3: Review NFTs in Cart section
  1. 1.
    Click Cart icon on the top menu to access Cart section. Within it:
    • User will see all items and its price in Cart
    • In order to close Cart section, click
    • In order to empty Cart, click Clear all
    • In order to remove single items from Cart, hover over each item, press
      on top of item to delete
  2. 2.
    Click Buy Now to move to Checkout page
Step 4: Checkout
  • Verify your information and press Checkout to make payment
Step 5: Review and confirm on-chain
a. Click Cancel to go back to NFT Marketplace
b. Click Confirm to buy NFT
Step 6: Get success notification
a. Click Explore more to go to Explore page
b. Click My NFTs to check your assets
c. Click View Transaction to check the Buy NFT transaction on blockchain explorer