List - Cancel Listing NFT items

How to list NFT Item?

Step 1: On Dagora, access your Profile

Step 2: Choose NFT to list/sell

  • In Profile space -> Items tab:

  • or in NFT detail page:

Step 3: Fill in the listing form

  1. Choose the type of payment (Multi Payment or Single Payment)

    a. With Multi Payment, the item can be listed with multiple currencies that means, user can use those currencies to buy the NFT.

Only Stable coins are supported temporarily.

b. With Single Payment, you can choose only one currency.

2. Enter the NFT price

3. Choose the type of currencies

4. Set a duration for the sale by choosing a default duration or setting a custom duration using the calendar.

5. View your sales information

6. Click Listing buttonto list

Note: With Polygon, your price must be greater than 0.0001. With Solana, your price must be greater 0.01.

Step 4: Confirm your listing

  • Click Cancel to come back the screen

  • Click Confirm to complete your listing

2. If you list successfully, you will receive a successful notification

  • Click View NFT button → Click to view NFT details

  • Click Share → Click to copy or share to respective social channels

How to cancel NFT listing (delisting item from sale) ?

Step 1: On Dagora, access to your Profile page

Step 2: Choose NFT to cancel Listing

  • In Profile space -> Items tab:

  • or in NFT detail page:

Step 3:

1. Confirm your Cancel Listing information

a. Adjust gas fee by scrolling the button

b. Click Cancel to go back item details

c. Click Confirm to accept “cancel listing”

2. If you cancel listing successfully, you will see a notification

a. Click Confirm to agree notification

b. Click View Transaction → polygon transactions to see transaction details

Note: Depending on the blockchain you choose, a different page will appear to check transaction details




Market fee

Default 2%

Royalty fee

is setup per collection, once setup, each transaction of NFT will return an amount equals to Royalty fee multiply by transaction’s price to collection’s owner

Example of royalty fee:

User U1 is the owner of collection C1 and collection C1 has an NFT item N1 created by U1.

U1 set C1’s royalty fee is 10%

U2 buys N1 with price = 100 USDT → user U1 receives 100 USDT

U3 buys N1 from U2 with price = 200 USDT → user U1 receives a commission = 10% * 200 = 20 (USDT), U2 receives 200 - 20 = 180 USDT

Potential earnings

The fee the seller will receive

Potential earnings = Price - Market fee

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