There are 2 scenarios while verifying KYC:

Scenario 1: User has not KYC in Coin98 App/ Dagora yet

If you has never performed any KYC with Coin98 or Dagora before. Please prepare the followings:

  • A Coin98 account. If user has not signed up yet, please refer to How to register for an account.

  • An EVM, Solana, and Sei wallet address (3 addresses in total).

  • 20 C98 (BEP20) for KYC fee, and a little BNB to pay for gas fee.

Step 1: Enter KYC process

  • On Dagora, connect wallet that you want to KYC.

Step 2: Hover into profile icon and click button "KYC now”.

Step 3: Login Coin98 account.

  1. Login your Coin98 account. If you have not signed up yet, please refer to How to register for an account.

  1. Tick on box I'm not a robot to verify that you are human

  2. Click Login button to login

Step 4: Process KYC payment.

  • In KYC payment screen, user needs to confirm:

    • Pay KYC fee: 20 C98

    • Agreement terms and policy

  • You will run into error if your wallet does not have enough 20 C98, or the connected wallet is not on BSC

  • Once user has agreed all terms and has sufficient fee, user can click Start KYC to proceed

Step 5: Review and confirm payment.

  1. Review payment pops up after user clicked Start KYC

  1. User click Confirm button in Coin98 Extension pop-up to confirm payment

  1. Payment success pops up after user successfully pays KYC fee

    • Click OK to close the notification, or

    • Click View Transaction to view the payment transaction on Blockchain Explorer

Step 6: KYC Registration.

KYC Registration page will show after the notification is closed

All fields are required, Request KYC button is disabled until all fields are filled with valid content

  • Nationality: select user's country in the dropdown list

  • First name: user's first name

  • Last name: user's last name

  • Solana wallet address: user's Solana wallet address

  • EVM wallet address: user's EVM wallet address

  • Sei wallet address: user's Sei wallet address

Step 6: Verify identity.

After user clicks Request KYC button, identity documents will be required. A pop-up from Onfido will ask user to choose documents to verify identity

List of required documents:

  1. User's proof of address

  2. User’s identity document

  3. User's face

  • Click Choose document to start verify your identity

  • Click Start verification to start verify user’s address

  • User selects country in the list of countries. Only supported country is available in the dropdown list.

  • User needs to upload below documents by clicking on each part:


  • User can upload all images on PC or on phone by request a secure link and scan QR code

  • User needs to make sure uploaded picture details are clear and unobstructed

  • Enable camera to take a selfie

After all, a Thank you pop-up will notify user that Onfido is verifying user's identity

Step 7: Verification result's screen.

After user completed all steps, status Waiting for approval is shown until Onfido verifies user's identity

In verification result screen, user might see:

  • KYC account email

  • All information user has filled in KYC registration screen

  • Number of attempt: each account has 3 KYC attempts. If KYC faifails 3 times, user must contact support.

Below is the verification completed screen for user who KYC successfully

Below is the Incomplete verification screen for user who KYC unsuccessfully, user can click:

  • Submit registration again to re-KYC, or

  • Back to Login to login with another email and perform another KYC.

Below is the Incomplete verification screen for users who failed 3 times, user must contact customer support.

After KYC successfully, if user hovers into avatar, button will change into KYC verified

Scenario 2: User has KYC in C98 App/ Dagora before but has not updated Sei Wallet Address yet

Step 1: Access to DAgora and connect wallet.

Step 2: Hover into profile icon and click button “KYC verified”.

Error message Please input your Sei wallet address is shown to ask user to fill in missing information

Step 3: KYC Registration.

User will be directed to KYC Registration screen. In this screen, user can update Sei wallet address.

After valid Sei wallet address is filled, click Save to update information

Step 4: Verification result's screen.

Sei wallet address is updated successfully

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